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Our Story

CBD Organics West is a little Company that actually cares. We specialize in providing a higher quality of life using 99% CBD isolate derived from Hemp. It is 100% Safe for Adults, Children & Pets of all ages. CBD’s are the non-psychoactive healing compounds found in the cannabis plant, meaning it does not produce the “high” feeling. Delivering the healing properties of the cannabis plant without the feelings of lethargy or dysphoria. Our CBD infused Tinctures & Rubs are 100% organic & pure. Using 99% pure CBD isolate in all of our products. Contains no THC.

Organically Grown

We only use 99% Pure Hemp Derived Cannabidiol in our oil, and verify every batch in the lab.

Zero THC

Grown in Colorado using organic farming practices. Absolutely no GMOs, heavy metals, or harmful solvents.

Simple Dosing

Easy to understand dosing with high quality droppers for ease of use. We provide a copy of the Mayo Clinics current recommendations for dosage with each order as well.

Lab Tested Purity

Our CBD Isolate is third-party tested throughout the process to ensure you only receive the best quality products possible.


All of our CBD products are made with 99% CBD Isolate derived from hemp. We work directly with a Colorado lab, who are licensed growers, processors & manufacturers of Organic CBD Cannabis plants. After the plants reach maturity, they are harvested, dried & cured. Then they are off to the lab, where they are processed. Separating Cannabidiol (CBD) the compound that has significant medical benefits from the plant matter. What is left is pure 99.8% CBD isolate. The high concentration of the CBD compound in all of our products gives you effective, premium quality CBD Tinctures, Topical’s & Edibles.

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